The Ones that Don't Get Caught

Sex tape after sex tape.

While UCU wants to be found out
And maybe Zari wants to stay relevant,
Some are caught off guard like
Sanyu, the smiling news reader.

In her privacy
(Read darkness of her mind)
She is one of those that
Didn’t know they’d get caught,
Who like us who don’t get caught
Place reputations on men, not God.

And the rounds have been made,
Her nakedness seen,
Her name scandalised,
Her reputation decapitated.

Unlike us, she got caught ;
Us, when we hide behind computer screens,
Smart phones
And Fifty Shades of Grey,
Are making sure we sin without being seen.

So that we are free to exchange the tapes,
Make a meme or two,
Throw a dry Zari joke
Even a Desire hand gesture,
Since it’s not our crime in the open.

We who don’t get caught,
Might preach on expensive pulpit,
Tweet morning verses,
Post Osteen updates
And appear as clean as Pope Francis.

Out of the eyes of others,
We can indulge as we like
As long as we don’t get caught.

What a lie we tell ourselves.
We are all Zari, and UCU and Desire,
We are Mweruka,
The ones that didn’t get caught.

The ones whose breasts twitched
At the sight of Kodjoe,
Whose loins heated up when
Amber Rose we beheld.

We are all at the mercy
Of our illusions of righteousness
And our drunkenness in lawlessness.
We need a God man’s death to deliver us
From this hopelessness,
Lest we make this sex taping a habit
And it’s acceptance a culture.
Or have we already let it happen?


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