You are the worst human there is

“…Yes, you.

Your delusions of being noble and honorable are as true as your intentions are selfish and egocentric. Your actions inasmuch as they appear to be for the welfare of the neighbour are ultimately geared for your self promotion.

Your alb is white as hyssop. Your smile is from chin to chin. Your eyes gleam like Venus before the dawn and everyone believes your heart is your form.

You have a pack of wolves among which you agree you are lambs, doing what you gotta do to survive the jungle of the wild. You cheer each other on when you make a kill, there’s no law in the wild, gotta eat to survive.

As long as your eyes are your own, you are a blessing to the race, the planet, the city, the village. Your favourite words are “I,” “me”, “mine” even though they come out as “we”, “us”, “ours”. Secretly,you know what your heart wants.

Your donation, lack thereof, your white collar, blue collar put a mask on the heart. Masks aside you want that Bogart, Queen Nefertiti, even if they come in forms of Idris Elba or Jay-banded Beyonce.

You are the worst human there is, even if you refuse to admit it.

Your salvation has never been in you. And it comes with the perishing of your very life. ”

Such was the conversation I had with the mirror called the cross.

Well, I’m a genius in my dreams
Even if I was, it was stitched inside my genes
I’m self-inflated, self-infatuated
And somehow I convinced myself I finally made it
The truth is I was made like the mob
Geppetto put me together; my strings lead to God
Pride come befo’ the fall, I seen it in the script
So if you see me fallin’, prolly a power trip

Lecrae – Power Trip


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