Yarn Ball

The other day I thought about a scenario.

What do people who daily meet at the bar talk about? Or what do people at the drinking joint talk about usually? Is it the taste of beer they prefer? Do they prefer it in a glass or directly from the bottle? Or do they prefer a straw? Do they prefer their own pot or sharing with everyone else? Do they mix their local brew?

What do they talk about?

People in the tall buildings with the views of the city, those below, in the valleys with streams of sewerage running between their houses. The conversations are definitely different.

One speaks of going to Davos and then to Los Angeles, and maybe Lagos to close some deals over the week. They will eat at the Sheraton, Hilton, or some other famous big name hotel. Juices, bacon, omelette, fancy food. Rent is no problem, their home is where they are at the moment.

The other has a bunch of items to carry to town. He hopes to make just enough to grab something for lunch, it should be able to take him to the next day. He sweats the entire day walking through parks asking people like me if I want crisps, a toothbrush, Kisubi tea or something. When he retires, he needs just a sheet to cover him in a room that has lots of other people catching their hours of rest. Sometimes he bets and hopes to make some cash off Arsenal’s win so that he can save up on that boda boda.

Clearly they have the same blood.

So many. So so many. Almost like insects crawling on the face of the earth. Different minds. Breathing the same air. Pursuing individual interests. Some form organisations and call others to them to have an appearance of a collective pursuit but deep down each one has that thing their heart wants the most.

My mind is stuck. We are so many. Everywhere. Yet individuals. We are 7 billion planets on this mass of earth. All orbiting in each other’s space. Collisions occurring. Gravity pushing and pulling. Some so small. Some so big. Some so hot. Some so big. Some so wise. Some so ignorant. Yet all sharing the same space. Interfering each other because there’s no where else to orbit alone!

This post offers no advice. No big answer. My mind is just in a roller coaster of thoughts. It’s a yarn ball of questions that maybe needs no kick of an answer. Hopefully at some point, in this life or this next, it will be unwound, thread straightened out. Or maybe it can never be fully wound out.


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