Okay, for those who even take time to comment, this is good news for you. I have made up with Blogger and am back to posting blogs as usual. It had kind of become complicated for me but now that is not a problem.

And another reason for my absence is that school has been tight. Exams, courseworks and tests all at the same time; moving on from break-ups and trying get new catch’s; running from eyes that think I’m a hunk- it has really been hectic dear people but here i am trying to catch up within these two weeks before we get back to campus.

My team happens to be on a roll and one can only imagine where we can end up at such a rate- eh Young Guns Oyee!! Yesto’s match was thrilling, not so much for the victory over arch rivals Bolton (when did we start dating those losers anyway…?) but Gilberto and the Beast managed to score over the goal… unbelievable. Okay, most of you do not love soccer so…

So me an’ my single issues. People, i do not understand why I am still single and worse, i cannot understand why I am not able to be single. Okay, do not get me wrong. I am single just that I do not want to be but I cannot help not being single.

You see, some close friend of mine actually said that I am very good at being a good friend coz all those I would have thought were ideal candidates to end my singleness all ended up saying all they wanted from me was friendship. So I am wondering, am i ugly? Perhaps a lil bit slow or too short (no offence here) but…where is the problem?

Meanwhile, some friends of mine broke up and it kind of hurt and suprised me at the same time! Ugh. It hurt me, an’ i cannot really explain why- but they were supposed to get married!!!! Ugh!

Second sem is starting in one week, that means my campus life slowly draws to an end and i am all thinking about the next step in life. God, a fiancee, a job, a house, a wife, a promotion, a kid and more life in God, in that order. God remaining a constant as always. Then more life.

Oh, can someone please employ me!!!!

It is getting late and dark, I do not sleep in cafes, so since there is no power at home or internet, maybe i should leave.

Feels good to be back.

God bless.


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