If we do not change our attitude and behaviour towards sex, AIDS shall remain far from over. Behavioural change is the surest way out. Abstinence before marriage and faithfulness when married and above all Christ to strengthen us in our effort.

Yea, we must accept and love those with the disease nonetheless, I am convinced Christ would do the same.


10 thoughts on “WORLD AIDS DAY.

  1. eh antipop some rushing to get socks! kale!
    i was doingthe news on the aids thingy and i was thinking gosh... Aids still makes me shake... i tod God keep it far from me!
    and to think people these days say things like , its kawa coz there are ARV'S i say it is bondage.. living on drugs for the next 10 or 20 yrs... iwanna live till 120! oh andi so wanted to see you at BHH too... sory about your hip mishap (giggle giggle) but for real. nice week

  2. Auntie, you can add on the special red sweater too.

    Lulu, sorry but you're late. Munange, I missed BHH as you have read...naye I am fine now. Next time!

  3. Antipop, Lets Share..

    Yes lulu, it's still a terrible disease even tho it's more manageable these days.

    Am so putting on my red ribbon..thanks for the reminder.

    Howz the weekend?

  4. Thats a positive message right there.
    Got nothing red on me but i am
    going to make that picture my
    screensaver the whole of this month.

    Otherwise, how be'z yo leg?

  5. I didn't even know it was December, can you imagine?

    Nothing red on me except the way I'm seeing the world right now. Beef just.

    Still, be safe people. It starts with you!


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