Ever since the scales fell off and the light came in,
I have seen more clearly how this all fits in,
See the square peg can’t fit in a round hole,
So it’s time to pack these bags, time for me to move.

Funny how an angel of light can actually be an agent of darkness. Sometimes fools’ gold shines brighter than real gold. Do we ever think about the things that we say, what we want them to mean or if we mean what we say? Try to understand that this world moves by Word, forget about the forces that the sciences give to it. In the beginning was Word, and Word keeps the world going on which is why this small rudder can steer a ship on a sea. Same reason why the tongue needs to be mastered.

When you say something, it is your creation. You either sustain the creation by your consistence or risk your honour by your vacillation. In the end we are murals. We are artworks.Whatever view I have of you is what I will take. If the side I see is inconsistent with your whole state, you pretty much cannot blame it on me, it is what  I saw.

What am I saying? Style up man, be a man of your word.


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