Why Lie? (Part Two)

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Richard did not know what to do with what she had said. He looked at her careful not to show any expression. His heart began began poking his mind. It whispered to him “Don’t pretend, you know you feel the same way.” He brushed off the thoughts quickly and said to her

“How does that help me?”

“You need some verve in your life.”

He laughed at her boldness and asked

“Why do you think that?”

“A dude like you needs a little excitement. You can’t just come to school, stare at the teacher and go home every single day. You need something.”

Richard burst out laughing.

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

“Crazy for you.” She said.

“Crazy woman. I’m Richard.”

“I knew that, I’m Eunice. You’re the formal type.”

“Yes, formal enough to know that even though you’ve been stalking me, I still need to introduce myself.”

It was her turn to burst out laughing.

That was the longest conversation they’d had since they’d started seeing each other’s faces. And it would be the shortest from that point. Richard was overwhelmed by her sarcastic approach. Yes, he remembered his uncle’s words but thought to himself that it would never get that serious.

 “But are you really my son Esau?”

Yet now looking back he realised he had been a victim of his own heart. The walls he had established were certainly tall but they were flimsy.

Eunice and him were practically inseparable ever since that conversation. What had been hellos and glances turned into long warm hugs and evening walks. More than walks they turned into dining experiences at fancy restaurants. She loved her wines. He loved new food.

He’d always be amused when she ordered her wines; how she’d lift the glass by the stem, stir, bring her nose to the bowl, sip, rinse and not spit and then say

“Yes, the right kind of dry red.”

He’d stare, look at her animated expressions and think to himself how this was unexpected. He felt good. Eunice was devoted. To hell with his uncle’s words. You can’t give without getting. Yes, he was spending a bit more than he had planned to but she was giving her all. Or at least he thought so.

It was a few minutes ago she had said the two words that had started this train of thought, memories.

They had graduated a week ago. Everything seemed to be going fine till a few minutes ago when she said she wouldn’t see him again.

” I have a boyfriend. We’re getting married.”

His heart had never been heavier. And in a moment, his tongue was even heavier. It was stuck at the floor of his mouth unable to be lifted.

“He’s been away. I know I should have told you.”

Her words were like gentle peals of thunder. Her sweet voice had never sounded this harsh.

“I liked your company, you were a fun guy. I thought what the heck.”

He was stuck.

“Goodbye Richard.”

She had not waited for him to respond. She had gotten up from the table, and walked quickly out becoming the ghost she was now as he remembered the conversation.

It was eleven thirty in the restaurant. The waiter came to his table.

“Sir, we’re closing in a few. I’d kindly request you leave.”

The only words he could muster right now were

“Why lie?”

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