Why Lie? (Part One)

 “The voice is Jacob’s, but the hands are Esau’s,” 

He looked back. His mind was tired. It took a stroll back to the streets of what was no longer tactile. Tracing steps on pavements that were faint, streams of odorless smoke.

He heard a gentle voice. Calling from the darkness like a siren. It was enchanting. He followed like a drunk in love in Beyonce, teetering dangerously on waters whose end could not be seen.

And finally he saw her. Although now, she was as an apparition whose image was shaky and unsteady. Her eyes glowed. Her smile shone. Her hair stately on her head. There was still beauty in the haziness.

He stood and looked. Happy and sad. He looked at her and saw a treasure albeit a lost one. He had sold all his belongings to buy the land with the pearl. When he came back to the land, the pearl was missing.

Richard had met Eunice at the start of the semester. However, for three weeks all they exchanged were hellos and glances. She had each evening sat next to him, said hello, tried to chat him up and failed.  Each evening, she’d talk about the weather and he would respond with sighs.

He wasn’t interested in girls. His favourite uncle had told him “Don’t rush into women, they take too much time, too much money and too much emotion. First accumulate that for yourself then you can give it.”

His uncle was the richest man in their village, he was also the only one that had gone to school. Richard wanted to be like him. He adored the two storey house his uncle owned with it’s ornate black gate and spacious compound. It also had a swimming pool. Richard wanted this life; complete with the G Class Merc and GX Land Cruiser in his uncle’s home’s parking.

So he kept away from girls. Eunice however, never could keep quiet. Every evening, she would say hello and tell him a story. His silence never deterred her. Until one day he asked, “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why do you keep telling me your stories? I am not interested.”

“This is a communications class. I am trying to teach you something.” She said with a smile.

“And what is that?”

“Persistent Communication. I am trying to tell you something. One day you will get it.”

“What is that exactly?”

“I like you.”

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