Why bother Sevo?

Why bother Sevo?
I do not by any means hate homosexuals. No it s just that what they do is what is very annoying. HRW Human Rights Watch sent an open letter to my main man Sevo accusing him of homophobia as well as abuse of human rights. These guys want us to accept any kind of sexual orientation!! Mbu!

When the UN starts to poke its nose into affairs of small countries like Uganda isn’t it poking its nose into our sovereignity? Do we not have rights as an independent country? Can any country impose its constitution on ours?
Ekibi these guys feel they can rule the world. I mean homosexuals!

Aye, I am bothered about why they came putting on masks for their conference the other day. I am still amazed. Bin Laden is one brave guy, shows his face! So if these guys are not afraid, let them come out in the open and we treat them knowing who they really are!

Me and some friends were talking about homosexuals, and we decided that the homosexuals should be put on an island as well as the lesbians- NO!! Not together, separately! Like that movie where they were putting clones on one island. Yeah, they will have freedom and will not bother anyone, neither will we bother them. I wonder of they will be having any children? (Pause) I really do not think so!

The thing here is, homosexuality is a corruption, kind of like an addiction- alcoholism, masturbation, drugs. It is not right, just that it messes up with the nature and the mind starts to believe it is impossible to break free so starts to accept it! That is not right, anyone with such a problem needs help, counselling and the like otherwise they will believe it is okay.

We love people not what they do! God is the same way. Well if you do not believe in God perhaps you agree that for any thing to have life, two opposites must meet. Get me? I am pro life. Homosexuality is deadly because it slowly by slowly wipes out a race coz there is no procreation!

Anwyay, I want Uganda to be independent in its decision making. We are the last hope in this dark world. When we fall, perhaps Jesus will return immediately!

Heterosexuals, I love you. Homosexuals and lesbians. I love you too but hate what you are trying to accept is normal for you. I read this on a t-shirt yesterday

” Image is nothing, Christ is everything. Obey your God”. Cool Huh? Take care.


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