Whispers about a birthday girl

Let me tell you about Pearl.

First time I met her, I hugged her. And her hug was warm, like sunshine.  She was in her blue sweater, chewing gum, coz she was nervous. Her eyes teased by gravity, I kept staring to bring them up. She told me to stop staring because it made her shy. I couldn’t help it. Some people deserve a steady gaze.

She eventually eased up and we talked like we were meeting for the hundredth time. Free spirit. We talked about a lot of things, but the thing I remember most was how al though it seemed we came from different worlds, there was enough atmosphere for both us to thrive in. And That Tuesday night, I didn’t want to leave her. Yet, I had to.

After that, I discovered a Pearl. Pretty, funny, loud, vibrant, happy. I don’t know much about her yet but the little I know is enough for me to wish her a beautiful sweet sixteenth birthday.

She writes me letters, I write back. She wishes me insanity, I wish her sanity, it’s a perfect “thing”. We haven’t written in a while, she’s supprrrr busy, I am suprrr busy but when I get a few moments, I whisper about her on the internets. She’s a delightful soul to know.

Happy birthday Pearl.

P.S Your hair looks great, plus I do love your emoji smile. 😉


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