A Man-formed Christ?

Is it possible that sometimes we resist the death in Christ and claim terms like “I’m not that spiritual” “The grace is enough” “God loves me” while continuing to skirt around His cross?

Could it be that seeing how a microwave era, Wi-Fi era, shortcut era it is, we tell Christ “…thanks for dying for me…” but refuse to partake in that death in Him?

It could be that it’s easier to ritualise knowing Him to get out of waiting on Him. We make books, schedules for our mind to feed on while ignoring the demand of death in us daily. What’s better than a Sunday service every week, Bible Study every morning, camp every year to tell ourselves we know Him?

It’s possible we might have made Christ after our own image somewhere along the way. An Iron Man suit when we’re feeling weak, removable when we improve. Tweets for Christ, donations, prayers and all as long as I can survive that cross that demands I enter the death with Him. After all, this death leaves nothing, it consumes you.

I suppose it’s expected, even though He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we love rebooting movies, changing origin stories and making something we like till we’re bored with it and try something new. Christ was acceptable as a “bazukufu” Christ and then became too backward. Then he became the LTV Christ,the modern one who could do TV, music and all. Now he’s Smart. Has gone digital.

Light does one thing well, extinguish darkness. “…but men loved darkness…”

Christ did not only die for you, you died with Him. Question is, the resurrection, does it tantalise you more when it’s you regaining animation or when it’s Christ living His life in you.


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