When to say the F Word!

Wandering thoughts
Sometimes he wonders why she cries all by herself, especially when it rains- looking at the clear drops sliding down her window. He can see the tears falling in unison with the raindrops on her window…why?
Why is she still lonely, when he is there?

Sometimes he sits and ponders on her words-
What do they mean?
She says them with such joy that they ought to be true,yet they don’t sound true.
He has a volcano of emotion in his chest which he tries hard to control lest she
think he’s too desperate, too scared to think that it will vanish like a vapour. Why is he still lonely when she is there?

Onto other things
When to say the F word!

When you realise that wasn’t powdered milk in your cup…
When the brake fails on a steep slope …
When you enter the interview room and realise you did not brush your hair…
When you send the “I miss you ” letter to a wrong phone number (her best friend’s)…
When you have spent your last money to get to Kabale and remember she said Mbale.

Always a perfect time to say Father!!

Great week.


14 thoughts on “When to say the F Word!

  1. the beginning part of the comment is here!
    SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kabaale to m (continue from the first one)

  2. Serakelz...I'm sorry to disappoint you, it's not what you thought. It is as UgGal said
    FATHER. ABBA who helps us in time of need!

  3. Well, I got the idea from a group forward someone sent. It had something along the lines of when it's best to say the F word. It felt weird at first being a group then one of us said F means Father which was quite a relief.

  4. wow i so like this! the little poem or prose or whatever it is and it is hilarious that the f word is father!

  5. 2 things;
    Why do you have her best friend's number off head

    Rather thought it was the other 'f' word

    Fudge! maybe?

  6. "When you have spent your last money to get to Kabale and remember she said Mbale."..dude, Father here needs to be said like 20times in rapid succession..nice work


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