When God loves me still

Too many times, when the heart is broken, and we face the dirt, and we wet the soil, with our salty tears,
When we feel the weight, of a guilt that’s whole, of eyes gone sore, of sour remorse

His love never grows dim, His mercy never wanes.


So why would we need a gentle saviour, a high priest who understands our weaknesses if we never had rough edges or if we always had the strength to overcome? Why would He fulfil the law and go to the cursed cross if we could perfect ourselves, if we could always do what is right?

Love, they say conquers all yet there I was interred by the fall. When I did sin, O did my soul writhe; it twisted, it turned. I saw that my sin was impossible to beat and so I cried because I had fallen again.

Should I ever fall? What will they say when they hear I fell? A man of words mighty and soothing to the soul, how come you yourself, tripped and then did fall? So I mourned that I was defeated, the sin has conquered my soul.

Yet He remained awake all the while. His soul received the pain without a qualm even when the metal ripped away his skin. He did not raise a finger, as they counted away, till all the strokes were fully embedded. And then to the cross, where they pierced his wrist and his feet as well.

But I thought I could do it; by myself I could. I could resist the temptation, I could stand the test. So when I fell I mourned that I couldn’t.

But he watched all the while, even when the breathing got harder. He took my sin and made me whole.


It gnaws at my soul when I fall again; to know that I have failed again. But the strokes and nails he endured for me, won’t permit that I remain down. When I rise I see His face, with love and mercy and endless grace. Time after time after time after time, His mercy renews and His grace suffices. Where the sin abounds, much more grace abounds- to understand this is to keep in the fight.

So my face shall gaze upon His face, and His light will reveal His endless grace.
Grace shines much more when I fall again, for tis the strength that puts me on my feet again.

He is love.


16 thoughts on “When God loves me still

  1. Oh we sure do have help. Be Silent did you know God is near to the broken-hearted, like a friend who lets you cry on his shoulder even if nothing is said- God actually cares.

    Silver, what did I do? God knows it. And it happened last month so I was just writing in view of His perfect love and endless grace and mercy.

    thanks TRP.

  2. Nev its beautiful and I swear all the while I was asking myself as I read it, "what did he do? It must be something he struggles with alot!!"

    Its sad and yet redemptive quality reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by Saint Augustine
    "But I, wretched young man, even more wretched than in my youth, begged you for chastity yet said, "Make me chaste and continent, but not yet!"


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