What if we all "Change We Can"???

I am eating a lot these days. Sorry, I do not mean pork. In my quest to be of use to God and man I have been forced to take in more than ample amounts of info-meals and at times it can boil my head.

This world’s future in my unprophetic thinking is headed to more or less confusion. The schools of thought are growing at alarming levels, with everyone putting forward a motion that works. Political thinkers seemed to have died out, what with the popularity of democracy. The last attempt to create a new system was Mzee, dear President with his movement system.

Economically, things are still pretty much the same with communism taking a back seat to capitalism.

So, you must wonder what schools of thought I mean. Well, I mean religious thinkers.
I am not overstating, just go here and see.

So I was wondering with all this in the world today. What shall the effects be tomorrow? I am pondering on the effects of Obama’s “Change We Can (CWC)”. Do you know if everybody decided to CWC there would be turmoil? Who would have the last laugh? Muslims? Buddhists? Secularists? Evangelicals? Who? Perhaps the question may become : who will press the nuclear red button first, and start a new world over again?

Imagine how many people differ in attitudes and what would happen if we all wanted our way followed by force. We would have things like the Dark Ages, Mohammad’s Conquest, exploding buses etc.

For those still debating abortion, feed here. Info meal: Debate for/against abortion.

I was really thinking that God has an interesting way of keeping things at bay. Because, imagine what would happen if everyone had the same kind of determination and will. Might this not happen a hundred times over?

My head is boiling.

I cannot wield my will over another but by patience and meekness and love, pray I can be heard and understood. A perfect society is a dream in each one’s eyes. It is a reality in God’s.

God bless.


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