What if I liked You? (Poem)

What if I liked you?


Suppose I’ve liked you as a secret;
From the first time I met you,
A gasp within that retreated into
The cadence below the skin
In veins,
In my blood moving with urgency
Each time I saw or thought about you.

Never telling you but seeing you –
As you were,
Tall and graceful,
Enchanting yet formidable,
Close enough for meaningless jokes,
From afar, a painting on a gallery wall –
Mysterious and beautiful at the same time.

What if you grew in me
Thoughts, high as mivule trees
Of you,
A woman from a different world
Maybe having thoughts of me
That went deep as roots into the ground.

But the thoughts
Block my sight from logical views.
You’re simply another friend
I’ve fancied fancying me,
And your thoughts of me are as
Empty as husks of the ground nuts
I chew while entertaining this daydream.

Photo: Kriscarr.com


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