What could church be?

I am writing because perhaps it is a good time to write.
The year is ending according to many of our calendars and many of us right now have a heightened sense of new beginnings.
Time, I hadn’t considered time and what is was till I thought about the church. When we think about time many of us look at it as regards how it affects us directly or the people around us. There are those willing to go a step further and because of curiosity find how it affects the people they may not know about but are curious about.
The issue of identity is taken serious by some and lightly by others because they do not have that privilege of it being passed down. There were days of family crests, honour, name; I believe in some places they still exist. Most of the people in these families have a unified sense of belonging either due to the crest or their patriarch.
The Jews considered for a long time and still do now that they were of Abraham and that meant they were special. Yet we come to find that those of Abraham are not those of the flesh but of faith.
What am I saying. Do you ever regard the church as Presbyterian, Catholic, Evangelical or perhaps Anglican? Have you asked yourself whether that ever comes to play in GOD’s mind? See, this God is 
outside time.
Do you suppose He has any business understanding the church any other way apart from Christ, the Son? 
Does He write down encyclopaedia for the understanding of this thing called church? Do you realise the church is? What I mean is, the church isn’t trying to become something, the church is – the body of the Son, the bride of the Son. She is timeless.
Can we really say the church today? Yesterday? Can we express a need to change church or rather a true understanding of church? Ever since the blood and water flowed from the Saviour’s side, the church has been. Apostles have lived and lost their tents, so have many other believers.  The church, can she be understood any other way apart from being the body of Christ expressed on earth?
Could the church be in Tokyo as well as in Kampala, distant but not separate? Could the church be in Kuala Lumpur and Mbarara distant and not separate? Living from the same breath of new life called the Spirit? Living in the new realm of the Faith of the Son of God? Separated but yet not apart?
Could the church be a stream of life flowing through the ages, making manifest the aroma of Christ in every space and time without being branded? Could she be the bride who lives to please her groom? Could she be the expression of Him outside time?
And could we simply be tasked with letting His light illumine our darkness? Simply be tasked with beholding Him so that we are changed into likeness of Him? Could the church simply be a revealing of Christ in individuals and in the groups?

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