what a week-END!

Da dam. Okay, what a way for the week to end. As others were emptying themselves and becoming more miserable, some of us were filling ourselves with good things. Yeah, get ma drift. Let us not fight about PAM awards and Papa San, no, the truth shall set you free. So on Sato, we marched as you noticed, through tawu peku Kololo airstrip breaking the shame that comes with abstaining. Yah, someone must talk about it! Sex is morally wrong outside marriage but do guys care anymore? Yet when someone says that they are virgins or abstaining, a barrage of insults follows! Why should we who are doing the right thing become ashamed of it yet those who are doing the wrong thing be proud of it? Look at the Gay pride marches!!! spit!

Anyway, you guys missed coz there was a brother named Lukus Simari from Boston who was with Papa San ( and this Jamaican can flow) who blew us away with his quality voice and hot beats! Guys, look for his music! infact check out his web, http://www.lukussimari.com . Now Papa San! Talk about from rags to riches! From the world into the scripture! He is the fastest flowing person i have heard so far and he knows how to work up a crowd. He was over heard saying that the last time he was in Uganda he was at Nile Hotel, still a sinner. But he praises God that as part of his desire to go wherever he was before to undo stuff that even now, Nile Hotel changed to Serena, it is new, and even he himself has changed! Man!!

Ebyo nga bikyari awo, Ps Martin Ssempa launched with Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut (On behalf of the 1st lady) the Abstinence Pride flag as well as the marriage flag to become global symbols of pride and strength!

UCU was there, Gayaza Junior and Senior was there, CERUDEB supported.

I cannot forget Isaac Rucci, the guy of Limit X whose love for music has never died out. Man it was the bomb!

I do not want to hear about PAM, it is of no heavenly importance.

“I said I hate yo beeps, mayb I can handle them, I don’ like yo texts.”

That was what a long time friend said to me. Funny ha…! I can remember a line in Will Smith’s song- just the two of us- “someday some girl’s gon’ break yo heart, and oooh! aint no pain like from the opposite sex…”

Anyway, made me think so much… but ai will handle.


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