Well Hello There Burger At Last!

Emmanuel. Remember that name.

I do not mean the son of God, I mean the other one; the smiling delivery guy who brought me my Burger at Last and Chips from Coffee At Last. Let me tell you a story, when they say things work together for good, do not doubt. Check this story.

I woke up hazy this morning. So while I was diligently working away at my tasks on my laptop, my eyes were working at half mast, my heart was beating as if it didn’t want to, my mind was time travelling all over the place. People have issues. Better believe. I am not exempted.

So when lunch time came, I really had no taste for food. I was better off with water and a small siesta. However, you know how the body works. No sooner had I woken up, than the tummy began demanding its ration. Heheee. I was moneyless, far away from the city and the sun was hot, there was not going to be any food available for me.

And that’s when God picked on me. I receive a phone call from this ninja friend of mine and he say’s “Eats on me”. “Bakuwe kyoolya!”

Luk 1:38 Nevonic Edition  And Nevender said, “Behold the man servant of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And after more instructions the Ninja hang up on the phone. 

He had given me such a legit, simple and wonderful solution that I was scratching my head thinking why didn’t I think of it earlier? Then I remembered, I didn’t have dice at the moment.

You know I have the Hello Food app on my Android phone. What that means is that when the sun is at it’s scorching best form like today, and the nice places are far away like they were today, and I cannot go to the food like it was today, the food can come to me.


So, on the Ninja’s account, I order for the Burger at Last and Chips meal. Bacon, Cheese, Pickle.. In about 30 minutes Emmanuel calls. (The Lord is with us?) Hehe. He asks for a bit more directions and I finally receive the package.

Emmanuel was friendly and delivered with a smile. What happened after he left? Demolition.



Answered prayer! Thanks to Hello Food, Coffee At Last and my ninja friend, what began as a hazy day was ending with a fantastic smile and full tummy! The fat chips and juicy burger with those meaty layers ….mwaaah!! I will do this again after loading shillings.

Kikambwe! God loves me.


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