Week's randomnevies

There’s a new lady that brings lunch for me and is she interesting. Me and the one who used to bring lunch jazz in Luganda so no one had a problem. So me I speak Luganda coz I’m comfortable with it and I speak it with whoever I am sure is comfortable with it. So this lady comes; one look at her and I am sure she can speak the language. Not only that the one who used to bring the food has brought her for introductions- she will be taking over. Me I delve right into my Luganda and guess what, she turns to English! Hmm? Odd! Why speak English when Luganda is obviously easier. For you. I first heed and speak with her in English but after some time go back to Lugy. No sooner have I spoken two phrases atleast than she interjects in English! Eh eh…laba omuwala!

Anyway, that is the least of my week’s crazy moments. Nga I declare Tuesday evening Transformers’ night at cineplex. I even call my ka friend mbu I take her out for a movie. I hooked up with Safyre and headed to Garden City. All was well because I had planned 12k expense, and if any further-20k. So we head to the box office and guess what…mbu due to restrictions, half price won’t apply to Transformers! Ayii!! Should I go back? But the ka-friend is coming. I can’t turn movie plot into evening walk plot. Thank God I moved with Safyre and atm otherwise….

This question is directed to all the ladies.Is it true that when a guy asks you out you decide mbu he has fallen for you? There’s this chick giving me headaches.


10 thoughts on “Week's randomnevies

  1. yes its true! their minds start seyin... eh eh! (most times they think in luganda). unless ur already a very good frend!

  2. lol at Serakelz- fo sho...? Mama yangu...the gravity of my situation has just befallen me..

  3. why would you take her out if you haven't fallen for her? unless you are buddies(and it is defined thus), we have been taught at our ladies' conventions that men don't just do things just for just. they be doing an investment of some sort!

    the chic giving you headaches: toggwa!!

  4. lol babe trying to show you that she can also speak english....

    If a dude asks me out i assume we are just going out for fun....but in most cases if a dude is interested you will know...Me am the kinda girl who takes things at face value therefore you have to tell me word for word....lol

  5. @Heaven:Why would i take her out if i haven't fallen for her? Maybe because I plan to see if i can fall for her...or b'se I want to up the level of acquaintance.

    Wama UgGal, I like how you deal things...so if I am interested I shd send you that postcard...lol

    No pills today Safyre.

  6. By the time you spend dime on her she does get the hint even tho you might not have such ideas
    Some guys are just nice and spend when they can And yeah am the kind who'll take some girl out and spend $25 on her alone minus any investment ideas

  7. Let me use a biblical phrase:
    "you cannot throw pearls at swines" in otherwords if you dont like a person, you wont waste your pearls on them(read money, time)...so definitely the girl is right to think that..you are definitely interested...unless as they say..you already friends...


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