weekly transmission

I wish there was on-line delivery services for kikomando and rolex!! I am so tired I don’ want to move from here. Worse still, and go to Wandegeya. So I am here with a mighty journey to make coz a friend o mine wants rolex and is too reluctant to get it. Anyway, why am I whining? What are friends for?

So….I guess you want to hear me say that I am through with the project and can go home.b.l.a.n.k. What you want is not always what you get. Am still here on campus, with my group mates trying to finish the baddest project yet to be seen in Africa!! And we say we are undergraduates, we are good enough to be masters’ students. Anyway, the code finally waw worked on, and i guess we shall have something wonderful to present to the panel come next week. Isn’t that good news?

I should be at home or in overnight. I can’t be in either place, why? We were with our supervisor till like 8pm and I am not the type who likes to fight for taxis home so I abandoned that plot. Overnight- I am so tired i doubt that I would have spent a single second awake, okay I know that is a lie but still, I am so tired!

God answers prayer, believe you me, in His perfect timing. I met a friend who knows me and the friend I was moving with quite well. So guess what he asks? Mbu are we married? Can u believe this guy? Yes he was ignorant, now I feel like I am spreading a rumour. Why? Coz the lady a was with is simply a friend- yes I would have wanted more but friendship is perfect. So, she must be thinking I am so obsessed…cannot take a simple NO!

How would you deal with missing the bachelor’s party of your mentor? Every answer deserves a blog visit, don’t you think? Coz a friend of mine did and I kinda feel am to blame, coz of the pressure of “finish the project on time!!!”

Anyway, perhaps I must go and buy that rolex for my friend. Tomorrow morning I am going home, to feel the house my dad has built for me…


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