Weekend wrap.

Friday 1400hrs. I receive a call from client saying I need to go meet him. I had no plans of going back to town having been there in the morning and having seen a client who attempted to get my services at 70k. [Let me not confuse you-the two clients are different]. For purposes of clarity let me call the 70k dude [grossnjawulo]. I am referred to him by a friend and told that he needs a website. So I go to meet him, I am so on time and he is so late, I actually got to his place of work 30 minutes before he did.

So [grossnjawulo] has been given an assignment to work on getting a website for one NGO up and running. He tells me he has an idea of how he wants it to appear and shows me a number of [lacklustre] websites he is getting ideas from. He inquires about hosting and I refer him to a very good hosting website and will cost him around 130,000/-. So after that is finished we proceed to talk about design fees. I tell him my [design fee] and brother man says that it is too much! He tells me he was thinking of spending 200,000 in total.

200,000/- in total.

I hope he made a mistake and tell him that would be enough for hosting. He says, it includes design fees! He begins to convince me how things will get better when the site is up and running and also says that since he thought he was dealing with an individual designer not a company, he would not be charged [that much]! Inside, I am laughing hilariously.

[Grossnjawulo] is obviously trying to make a cut, and he wants to squeeze the designer to get his cut. I would like to think the NGO has particular funds set aside for website and that the fees are standard. What I did not tell the brother was that a company could have charged him many times what I was charging him but the laughter inside jammed. So [grossnjawulo] wanted to pay me 70k for designing a website. I left with his number promising to get back to him, which reminds me, I did not move with his business card so guess the response will delay.

What do people think we are anyway? Charitable organisations?

So the call at 1400hrs. Client2, let us call him [grossnagging]. He had promised some sort of payment by end of the week, so when I get his phone call I am excited because he is telling me to go over.

By now I am excited, almost forgetting [grossnjawulo]’s silly deal. When I get there, [grossnagging] calls his business partner reminding him that everyone was present. I could only assume this was pay day because there were other people expecting dimes or that’s what I thought at least.

When he comes, we are told to go and so it seems they are looking for a hideout to distribute dimes to the guys. So we get to one, he orders sodas and then guess what happens, files come out and the words -let us start the meeting- sound. We start, talk about the work we’re doing, challenges and stuff, which includes payment. As we talk on, I am waiting for the dude to announce that our dimes are now here; however, I wait in vain, as we are promised nothing is coming soon.

Frustrated? Yes. Depressed? No. I am looking forward to the weekend and seems now money supply has been cut. The PIFF party looks hazy for now. However, there is some light- promise of IronMan2 Saturday! All I need is half the amount.

Saturday comes,fast forward—–>>>>> 7pm-9pm. Pure FUN!!! Jon Favreau, merci beaucoup.

Sunday’s rain, did a good job in demotivating me from going to Daddy’s house however, I needed to go for the BASIC Family fellowship.
aLL, I can say is, that family is a blessing. Y’all can come visit us next time- June 6th. You will have a good time.

I have a million tasks to complete before tomorrow, I have not half started on any but after this, I am going to. Talking about clients, employers and employees, today’s baseline is for you to be motivated to work.

BASELINE: Ephesians 6:5-8
Slaves, be obedient to those who are your earthly masters, with fear and trembling,in singleness of heart, as to Christ; not in the way of eye-service, as men-pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a goodwill as to the Lord, and not to men, knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same again from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free. [RSV]


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  1. Seems your weekend was a blast, you should have come for the PIFF party,then headed off to your movie..

    Oh and the man just wants some Njawulo, but then a ka 70 thou,he is over being greedy.


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