We Take A Commercial Break


For my mother whose love never wanes and has been there for me through all my issues (at least the ones I tell her about.)

For my family.

For my friends, my extra family.

…you can all drive one…

For every one this year who has enriched my life is some way, that includes you who is reading this

…try to share…

and lastly to the one who called me forth before I was even born

I am thankful. May you enjoy your day as I enjoy my birthday,…now those who promised gifts!!!

LoL. Much love.


15 thoughts on “We Take A Commercial Break

  1. Stocks...socks....

    Oh my..(crying uncontrollable)
    I would like to thank you all for this honour...

    Thank you all for being there for me.

    And i am thankful to God for letting me rise early enough to get these

  2. Happy birthday....hope you live till past 100..i will still be there for you..

    Your present is still in customs.xx

  3. Happy birthday dude!

    I thought I saw someone like you at Facebook Dev, but I think I was wrong.

    Anyways, have a blast!

  4. Awwww...
    My first x-mas gifts this year!!!
    Happy Birthday Nev!!
    Hope your days from now on are filled with extra blessings!!

  5. Happy Birthday Nev, Some Issues made me miss the birthday socks but at least I got to say it now.

    If your gift does not come, give the post man Hell..

    Have a good one and

    Merry X-mass

    I Like the car


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