We love our demons

We love our demons
Like children,
Jealous for others’ crayons.

We invite men in religious robes
To sprinkle some water
And give them names.

Our conscience must accept
That we have taken them in
They are now part of us.

We love our demons
They are inherent rights
The power to go ignore the stop sign
When we love the high.

We look for them in brown bottles
Plastic bottles, silver glasses
Unconvinced when the liquid evanesces.

We look for them in white sticks
Brown sticks, green leaves,
Unconvinced when we’ve inhaled
Chewed to nothingness.

We look for them in adoring eyes
Camera lights, chanting crowds
Unconvinced when they scream our names.

We love our demons
They treat us right
They know we love to be outta control.

To have that little thing on the side
Which we cannot claim
But love to touch.

We love that they treat us right
When they treat us wrong
Limbo with promise of heaven.

We love our demons
We treat them right
We hug our deaths like loves of our lives.

“…and i fall in love with the ones that run me through, when all along all I need is you…” Sing it Out- Switchfoot


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