We are the Champions…!!!


Okay, not “us” per se because that would mean the great Gooners, but “us” lovers of the beautiful game. We are the champions!!! And at the expense of Cristiano Ronaldo not to mention his over enthusiastic boss, the Welsh man.

Congs to the Passionate coach.

When Pep Guardiola was appointed Barca coach in 2008, few would would have dreamed that in just his first season he would have conquered Rome, Spain as well as England. At 38, he is the youngest coach to ever have won the champions league and also the first coach to win a treble in Spain; the Primera Liga, Copa del Rey and the Champions’ League trophies all in the same season.

and the
Magic Mess

The size of Lionel Messi is very deceptive. He looks like someone who can easily tumble over when met with defenders, or one who cannot do much with the ball. This small man,however, is a magic mess. We have been waiting to see his show down with Cristiano who holds the accolade for Europe’s best and World’s best player and the champs league final provided a wonderful setting. Messing with Man-U defenders and midfielders, the young man eventually got himself a goal and cemented the fact that he was better than Ronaldo who only impressed in the first ten minutes of the game and then evanesced other than being offside several times. He has a total of 38 goals this season against Ronaldo’s 25.

I can only feel but pity for Ronnie…

If Man-U had won this one…I can think of few Man-U fans I would be able to talk to properly,so..ll those who are happy with me, tuyimbe…congo congo..congolatuleshoniizi..


5 thoughts on “We are the Champions…!!!

  1. Fulham Rocks.

    Last night's game was a good one though.
    Fergie must have read for the wrong exam.

  2. Ronaldo was like the S.I unit of impotence on Wednesday night. While I support Man-U, I don't know if I feel sorry for him. I know I am extremely pleased for Messi and for African footballer of the year Eto'o.

    Fergie is an excellent coach and Man-U is a formidable team, but no one wins them all. It is the unpredictability of the game that ensures I will keep watching. Viva la Soccer! On to tennis while I wait for the next season.

    PS: I beg to differ with you on the Man-U fans losing their voices. It is the Arsenics who are notorious for excessively noisy celebration.

  3. Jny23, Fulham? But yes, Fergie like Wenger usually does, read for the wrong exam.

    Petesmama, I'm glad you're one of the few Man U fans who love soccer. But I think all English club fans are noisy, no exceptions!

    Mudamuli-Man U condolences

    and Tandra, I love the game, the beautiful game.


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