Waiting for Mr Money.

Money can be such an anxiously awaited guest. You tell your debtors to come over because you know their demands are going to be met. You even invite her home promising soon money will usher you into a marital home. You even tell Antipop that everything is going to be better while you entertain her at Serena hotel. When a debtor has promised money, the wait becomes exciting.

So, the visitors all come. You borrow from the shopkeeper niceties like milk, butter, cake because you know soon you will be able to pay for it all. Not now, but soon. Money said he would be coming at lunch time and guess what, his cousin Interest is also with him. And we all know, Interest always adds to what Money comes with.

So, like I said. The visitors have all come. You serve them some juice. Milk and cake will be for later when Money and Interest are about to go. In fact, you remembered that the neighbour had a good looking bull. You buy on credit; why not? Money is coming. You extend your generosity and invite the whole village. The meat is being roasted.

Just to make sure, you call Money and ask whether he is on his way and he assures you…lunch time, him and Interest will be there. Lunchtime is only ten minutes away.

And then nine minutes, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…lunch time. You are now waiting for a knock on the day.

Ten past lunch time. Money is not yet here. Must have delayed somewhere. So you wait some more, after all after money comes, are there worries? So you wait.

Half past lunch. By now the visitors are enjoying the barbecue. No one has noticed the absence of Money. You walk to the road and start looking; looking for someone that looks like Money. No sign.

You go back to sit.

Evening time. You prepare the milk and bread for the visitors. They are having the time of their life at your place today. However, you long forgot the pleasure, now you are asking: ” Where is money? Did he meet robbers? Did he lie to me? Did? Did? Did!!!

Then the visitors notice the sun is about to set and they need to leave. They want their money but their money is with Money. He has not yet arrived….


Me and my employer need the money.


11 thoughts on “Waiting for Mr Money.

  1. ok i am money, ha! here i am with yo money.

    but nev i thought i had eaten these ones but u still gave them away, dang

  2. lol Nev, always remember that there is the Murphy's law, which is difficult to break just like the Newtonian laws

  3. hahaha nevender... oba why dint you take my number one award... it is sooooo true, i have been here, but you brought it out in such a funny way... i couldnt help giggling. still am giglling, enjoyed reading it!

  4. Nev this is just not fair...not fair at all....you reserve the socks....noway..i know i come late but it would be nice if you reserved them for me.....lol...

    so did this happen to you...?

  5. For those of you who missed socks and boots
    I will be sure to reserve the next ones for you.

    Lulu..it is tight waiting for big money and then the person keeps postponing date of delivery. It annoys.

    UgGal, it happened but not in the way I have said it.

    Princess and Erique, when there are contracts and cheques involved why not count the chickens?

    Mwana Emi, I did not flunk Physics naye I think I never heard of Murphy's law.

  6. Sorry man. The stress of money is unequaled. I hope you get things sorted soon otherwise your debtors are going to think you are bayaaye.


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