Valentine’s Series: Day Two: Loving You, February Kind of Way.

Baby Girl,

I want to love you,
In that February kind of way;

With a scarlet depth
That doesn’t fade.

I want to make you swirl,
Make your insides turn

In the only way
That settles you.

Take you in, in sniffs
In little breaths

Enjoy your piquant soul
Sans exhausted gasps.

I want to soak your tang
No rushing it,

Feel the fragrant taste
In measured sips.

I want to savour you
In untainted ways

Reveal my love
In increasing rays.

But does the February kind of way
Look like anything above?

Does it understand
That we present ourselves each day?

Is it not a rushing feeling
For copious souls,

Who must offset
Some impending debt?

Whose drinks are bought
When thirst dictates

And only when those drinks
Carry passport names?

My Gem, I hope to love you
And everyday, every single way

Not in fits and starts
The February way,

But by every breath
That I will take today.

So let’s top up
On that memory of a milkshake

My Pearl
I’d love to see you

As soon as possible, if you may.

Your Nev.


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