Valentine’s Series: Day Three: February Girlfriend

Dear Pearl,

Have you heard about Esther? I’ve seen a few posts of hers in my Whatsapp and cannot help but frown at what kind of man broke her heart. (Warn me if you know her in person, because I am not ready to handle her blows or mouthfuls.)

EK (lets call her that) threw a tantrum recently about finance. She sounded a lot like Gwen Guthrie when she sang – “Ain’t Nothing Going On But the Rent”. Remember it? The one where the famous “No romance without finance” line was launched.

See, when you’re a dude who has just gone through the frenzy of Festive spending and had temporary amnesia about the dryness of January, you would expect your girlfriend to understand that sometimes, we need some romance without finance. (I hope you survived the length of that sentence.)

I know you wanted to go to the newly opened Javas on Kampala road. I too wanted to, however don’t you think for January, Maama Naaka’s luwombo was an even better option? Okay, not good on the décor, but the taste was to die for! And I remember you became friends with her, after that joke about good food and men’s hearts.

I didn’t even take you out to Metroplex for a ka Jan movie. (Lawd I was doing badly). Yet you came over so we could watch “Frozen” together. It was a good compromise. You leaning on my shoulder, while laughing at Olaf. I not getting the movie, but being content with you being here. It was a really good compromise.

Jan was tight, and I appreciate the moments you understood that I could not make the cut and opted for the simpler things. Like when we took a walk up Muyenga with ice cream from Ciao Ciao. It melted quite fast but no doubt it was quite good.

You’ve distanced yourself quite a bit from EK. She believes everything revolves around the cheddar. She believes if there’s no finance, she’s good for a February girlfriend. The one who disappears when times are rough and comes back when things are back on track.

I think this about love – the first 11 minutes of UP (remember it?) We may need the cheddar but we must not let it control our adventure.


Eventually, we shall go to Javas, catch Avengers 2 at Metroplex, and some other random things that meet our fancy when things are moving better but let us not miss each other because January was dry and we were waiting for February.



P.S I hope you got my last letter.


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