Valentine’s Series: Day Ten: Together Again

Dear Pearl,

When you walked into Endiro yesterday evening, and my eyes met your eyes – it was only natural everything else became a blur. When you opened your arms and let me hold you once again, it was only reflex you were the only person I could see.

I saw you again. And it felt like I was seeing you for the first time. I’d never forgotten the subtle blush you try so hard to hide. Yet seeing it now made it seem like a vision I had waited forever to come to life.

Time. It felt tangible in your touch. It was visible in your brown eyes. It was audible in your lurid voice. It was present.

Twenty minutes, thirty minutes, forty. Yesterday, time was never as fleeting with you but it was at the same time never as suffused with life.

I have missed you Pearl.

I’d teetered on the cusp of emptying my mind with the thought that I’d lost you. I’ve been silly, I agree. I should never have done that to you, to me, to us.

I’m sorry. Sometimes God reminds us of humility in the seemingly little things. The fact that I should not be too proud to admit where I am wrong and aloof and insensitive. Forgive me.

We lost time. Yet time has slowed down for us. Sugar, let’s make the most of it.

I really feel like the Twix is nothing compared to knowing you are mine; all of you. I am yours, all of me.



P.S You’re not fat. I keep telling you that. That mirror that you ask keeps telling you lies.


One thought on “Valentine’s Series: Day Ten: Together Again

  1. The love aside, you always get the perfect images! They sorta bring life (read meaning) to the words that follow...
    I mean...line up those images and you will not need to tell a story 🙂
    Otherwise, i am beaming now. Thanks for the h*** you took us through! lol


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