Valentine’s Series: Day Seven: Whispers


What’s up? You haven’t answered any of my calls or replied any of my texts. Are you al right?

I sent a fancy meal from the Lawns yesterday to your office. Kinda thought you were hungry. Well, I hope you got it.

Remember that time you al most tripped while we were coming down the Acacia escalators? Lol. When I saw the memes of Mugabe yesterday, kinda reminded me of it. It was funny, but in a nice way. I got to catch you; and you were so scared you took a while before letting go. It was nice. I think.

Hey, so…… Um… remember that book I left with you – A Walk to Remember.? Yeah and the movie? I had borrowed them from a friend and they want them back. So, I was wondering if we could meet so I could get them.  It shouldn’t take much of your time. I just need a few minutes. Can I pass by over lunch? I can even bring Twix if you like.

Yeah, let me know if I can.

Otherwise, I hope you’re fine. I worry about you. Been asking my friends about you and they tell me they’ve not seen you in a while. If you’re not well, let me know, I can bring you some Ribena. You’ll get better in no time.

Okay, let me not take up too much of your time. I just want to know you’re fine.


P.S There’s this silly song – Say Something – by A Great Big World and Cristina Aguilera, I play it sometimes…

Okay, guess I’m talking too much. Take care o yourself.

…And there’s this verse I like to remember – “1Pe 5:7  “casting all your anxiety onto Him,” because it matters to Him concerning you.” I do hope you’re fine.

Al right,




4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Series: Day Seven: Whispers

  1. 🙂 if this wasn't a letter, it would be the minus-eye-contact conversation. The one where she is very silent and he, on the other hand is nervous and hopes he can leave before she says a word. Hehe.

    1. Au contraire ! It's the kind where he steals glances hoping she looks back at him. Where he is aware of the tension of the situation but won't leave till she at least says something.


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