Valentine's Series: Day One: Is Love Sacred?

Hello everyone. We’re glad to invite you to this fourteen day writing challenge. I and the diabolical Pearl will be exchanging letters over our blogs on the theme of Valentine’s. This will happen from today till the 14th of February. We’ll be sharing thoughts on different issues, and perhaps even a little poetry for the season. Here’s my first letter. Find her response at hers. Enjoy.

Dear Pearl,

When you wake up to Martina McBride, you assume one thing. Either the DJ is in love, or it is February. That’s the kind of song that shocks most men into February.

On the back of a dry month, both financially and in terms of the weather, you hope February will bring you some rain. Yet we both know the most savoured thing this February will not be either rain or shillings, but the acquisition or expression of emotional currency.


We’re 13 days away but feelings are building each day. We have a day on our calendar where libations must be poured out and we must prove ourselves. When I say we, I mean urbanites. There is no way I see an unrefined Nakawunde worrying about receiving tokens of appreciation on said day.

I sometimes sit and wonder what it is about the expression of love that we find so crucial. Fine, I have many friends who find the culture of romance unnecessary and time wasting. Nonetheless, you will see a rush for cards, flowers, and stuffed animals soon enough.

Love has become the fashion show, not the bed room.

And I noticed it is Sunday today.
Don’t you ever feel like Sundays are weekly Valentine’s Days? Especially for Christians. A lot of show? A lot of show of sacredness and genuineness but really just a lot of routine and public pleasing?

I look at how we define love and realize that February is a great flaw in the definition.

Have we not lost the sacredness of love if it comes down to numbers, flowers and safari trips? Expression is beautiful when it is produced by life however, when it is produced by necessity, don’t you think we have a problem?

I don’t want to throw you into my spiritual convictions, but a certain man said this – “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

February will have a lot of people laying down their lives, but whether it is by compulsion or by genuine life is another question to ask.

Waiting to hear from you.


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