Valentine’s Series: Day Nine: Edge


Dear Pearl

“Talking with myself in a land-locked parking lot
Sick of all the small talk, dripping non-stop”

I feel like that now.

My heart is writing songs, sad verses, those in Minor E, taking me to depths while I wait for you to decide. I’m taking long walks, nature walks, hoping that the silence and the green will settle me down. Waiting.

I wrote you a poem.

I  keep staring at the light
In the distance, in the ebony of night
There, you shining a colour so bright
You the only thing in my sight.

I reach out my hand to feel
This magic that holds my gaze still
Hoping in a moment the heart would heal
If this beauty could be present and real.

Alas, I keep beholding
I keep reaching
But nothing but vapour rising
And my hands, emptiness holding.

You seem like a dream
I, a lucid dreamer.

Don’t know what more to say.



“You feel your heart beat loudest when it’s breaking
You and I both know our fatal flaws
We both know that love is what you make it
I want you
All or nothing at all”


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