Valentine’s Series: Day Four : FireCracker Girl

Dear Pearl

You know how you and I seem like Yin and Yang? Like night and day? Like Twitter and Facebook? How when most guys see us together, the expression on their face is that of a shocked contortionist?

Hehe. Most people meet me and ask, “How is it, that a guy like you, can hang out with a chick like her?” And when they say hang, they don’t mean casually cross paths on Kampala Boulevard. They mean, how is it you and I, are able to relate on a level so superior to their fathoming?

Well, you and I both use a second pair of eyes, so we’re not that different. But they say, “Pearl’s a fire that’s going to burn you”. They say, “She’s a flame that’s going to consume you”. They say, “She’s a cracker that’s going to burst in your face”.

They don’t understand I like it like that.

They don’t understand that I love the way you jump off the chair and dance boundlessly to a Bob Marley song. They don’t get it that I love the sound of your voice when it’s making a point loudly. They don’t understand how I can handle your fascination with Game of Thrones.

They usually tell me, “Nev used to be a Civil servant, until he met Pearl…”

They can’t understand why I go to Legends so often lately. “A former librarian now patron”, they say. They don’t understand that although I don’t get that thing you have with Legends sausages, I get it. I get it because it’s your thing!

They know I love soccer like crazy so they don’t get it that I am at Rugby games every Saturday afternoon eating that white meat. I know I am always checking livescore to see whether my team has scored. What better place to do it than next to you. Maybe I won’t always be able to do it, but for now, you understand, my world’s a sky full of fireworks with you.

They say it’s a phase. A “you’ve just fallen in love, phase”. That in due time, I won’t handle the fire you burn with and will capitulate. Don’t they see I already capitulated? You’re my fire cracker. I like it like that. The others, well they can read about Yin and Yang.



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