I was trying to get the perfect words,
An umbrella of light to place in your hands
For you to place above your head,
So the rain of pain wouldn’t make you wet.

But how would I know lest you told me so,
That they were delightful and made you glow?
So I decided to give what I thought was best;
Something that I thought would leave you blessed.

So I’m saying, when you smile, I will smile with you;
And when you cry, I will be strong for you;
When pain overwhelms, I will pray for you;
When sorrow sheds your heart, I will comfort you…

With the love that God has placed in my heart;
With the courage that God has put in my soul;
With the hope that tomorrow is a better day,
And the faith that God is here even today.

For Double A, 🙂 again.


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