#UgBlogWeek : When Freedom Called Like The Sea

Freedom called out to us like a woman of the sea,
“Come to me, come to me,
Come and be free.”
She sang us songs with soft melodies
High ti’s and low doh’s
Saying, “…Come now, come,
Find life with me.”

And we drew to the waters
Singing with the sea
“To you, we come,
Of land we te-ar free”.

The waters teased our ankles
They brushed our gentle heels
They kissed our thighs
As we lost our weight
And began to float
In salty waves.

And then they seized us!
When the land lay afar.
They pulled at these feet
Only known to dry land.
We were pulled under slowly
By invisible hands
No one said my freedom
Asked my life of me!


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