#UgBlogWeek: Top 7 Posts from Top Reader

Victoria Mbabazi who tweets here, endeavoured to read and share all the posts from the second #UgBlogWeek of the year! For this reason, we asked her to share what her top 7 posts were from the week and these were the ones she shared.

1.By Ugandan Standards (An expert talk gone horribly wrong) — L.A Lutara
2.Sewed Shut — Winnie Apio
3.High Art — Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa
4.Case of the Express — David Ogutu
5.God and Freedom of Expression — Patricia Kahill
6.It’s not personal — Jay Layado
7.Authenticity over perfection — Subtle Royalty

In addition to the above seven, I must say that the ones I am mentioning below caught my eye due to their informativeness, wit, and style.

8. Freedom of Expression — AmanyaEl
9. Keep Quiet, Don’t Demand For Better Services. #UgBlogWeek — Pru Nyamishana
10. Absolute or Not – Erawko

Agree or not?

Did you find another blog worth mention? Share yours in the comments! In addition because of the events of the detention of @samwyri, please keep blogging about ‘Freedom of Expression’. Post your blogs under the hashtag #256Blogs/ #UgBlogs and we shall find them. See you this Thursday at #UBHH where we shall host Bazanye of Bazanye.com, talking about audience building! Invite a friend.




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