#UGBlogWeek : Share your Stories for Seven Days

A year ago, the first ever Ugandan mass blogging week was declared under the hashtag #UgBloggers7Days.

The reason it was started was the lack of blogs in Ugandan webspace. Sure there were a few bloggers posting about different things; like politics, economy, arts, lifestyle, but again there was no regularity with this posting.

When #UgBloggers7Days started it was to revive the blogging culture. A year later, there have been some improvements made even the development of a blog aggregator called storipot. The Social Media Awards even had nominations for Blogger of the Year.

Nonetheless, a year later there is a lot to aim for. Uganda has a lot of stories unsaid and unheard. In this very week, there have been stories about police brutality, the impending arrival of the pope, local tourism efforts (#koikoiug, #ondaba), leisure events such as #klacocktailweek, #kampalacityfestival and more.

What is your view of what’s happening around you? What is your story? What’s your opinion? From Monday 19th October 2015, Ugandans are encouraged to share their stories and opinions, blog every day for seven days. There are no limitations on the subject or the word count, photos are also welcome, even videos. Just share your links under the hashtag #UgBlogWeek.  Share your stories, all week next week.

Let us blog. #TuBlogginge


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