#UgBlogWeek – Mama Gundi, Hold Your Child Part II

This is Part 2 of a story that Miss Olee Branch started here. Read it if you’re not already up to speed. 

Immediately, the song that begins playing in my head is the Eschatos Choir Song

“Simumanyi, simumanyi, simumanyi, simumanyi

Oyo omuNazareesi simumanyi”.

This woman is shamelessly trying to dump her kid with me. Me. Naki! Naki, who Mugabi was still courting to please be his lover! Nze, a young girl like so! Jokes.

“Excuse me nyabo, ono omwana wuwo. Ongambye mukukwatireko. Wuuno. Mutwale.”

I sternly tell the woman this kid is hers and pass it to the conductor so that he can give it to its true mother! Just then the Baby begins to bawl uncontrollably! She begins kicking and screaming and punching in the air as if in protest.

I persist in trying to give this baby to the conductor. However, the baby is going toe to toe with me. Her cries are now becoming unbearable and one of the passengers comments

“But gundi, why are you lying to us? We found you holding the baby. Why are you denying your child?”

And another chimed in,

“Wama which child would cry like this if it were not for the mother? Yeh, why are you trying to abandon your kid in full view of everybody?”

Then another suggested,

“Hahaha, kyogamba she should just have dropped the kid in the toilet like most of these lazy mothers of today do?”

In a few seconds, the whole taxi had turned against me.

The Baby’s mother decided that this was her chance to add injury to insult;

“Madam, I don’t care if some man refused to take care of that little beauty, at least let me pay your transport.” She said this handing a 10,000 note to the conductor and motioning that she was paying for two people.

My lungs were expanding. My chest was getting hot. I was wondering how to respond to all these nincompoops!

Unfortunately, all my passive aggressiveness refused to let me speak up for myself. The Baby’s mother began to walk away, the conductor to close the door, the rest of the taxi to chide me.

Just then, the driver took the keys out of the ignition and announced

“Banange, musonyiwe omukazi ono, omwana ssi wuwe, omwana wange….”

Just then, the Baby’s mother gasped, the conductor coughed, and the passengers all echoed,


To be continued…


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