#UgBlogWeek Day 1 : Digital Manslaughter

He looked at the blue ticks and regretted. Ninety minutes ago, he had been furiously typing away at his Tecno, pouring a furor of unrehearsed emotion onto the digital paper. This was better that punching the wall, he had thought. After all, he had small fists and the wall was hard concrete. So he had typed away not hesitating to hit the send button after he believed his rant was done.

An hour passed and he had received the phone call. Finality.

He didn’t believe it. He opened the laptop and clicked on the Chrome icon. “twitter.com”. Then “facebook.com”. And his worst fears began to be confirmed.

“Distraught lover hangs over text from boyfriend.” “Campus girl dead over Whatsapp text”… And more and more headlines filled his timelines. He was tagged in each and every one of them.

As though gripped by a ghost, he clicked on the comments. Unthinking.

Maybe he should have used Telegram. He could have deleted it before she saw it.

Man, people need to think through their words. You can’t un-say things.

Even Google has a cancel email option, maybe Whatsapp needs it.

Men are trash. Why did he say that to his girlfriend? Couldn’t he see how hurtful it would be?

Either he is regretting this right now or he is celebrating.

And he read and read until he realised his chest was wet from the tears that had been flowing from his eyes. This was not how he had planned anything. He was in an angry fit. This is not how it should have turned out. Why had he not thought it through? Why…. ?

There was a knock on his door. He got up and went to open it.

“Hello?” A man in khaki uniform spoke when he opened. And continued…

“Are you Jo Netu?”


“Please come with me to the station. You are needed for questioning concerning the death of Mary Sun.”

He froze as he realised what was happening. He had murdered his girlfriend. And he would pay for it. And then he remembered what she had done.

“A moment, please.”

“I am sorry, I cannot let you go back in. You will also surrender your laptop, your smartphone and any digital device you have to help us facilitate the investigation.”

“I need a phone call at least.”

“Sir, please come with me to the station. Everything else will be handled at the station.”

He had wanted to delete the text at the very least. Why was he going to jail for mere words?

“Okay. At least let me go to the toilet.”

“Very well.”

In a swift move, he went to the toilet with the phone and sent a text to a friend only known as “hacker” in his phone. After this, he deleted his contact and the text and flushed the toilet.

“Okay officer. I am ready to go.”


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