#UgBlogWeek : Curated Stories from Day One

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#UgBlogWeek kicked off yesterday. The 7 day blog got off to some great blogging. Below is a curated list from the shares on social media. Some blogs are reposts, some are from before yesterday, and some are from news sites with tips. However the majority (44) are from fresh posts from Day 1. Topics range from politics to unemployment, travel, creative writing, fashion and poetry. They are arranged in chronological order, that is, time of publishing/sharing. Enjoy.

  1. My Wandering Journey -Little feet that never stay still…(UGBlogWeek) The Commute Series: Familiar Faces
  2. Impressions – Development critic, Poetry fanatic, A missy and her words. Beyond Dreams
  3. Joel Jjemba – Under Construction Day 1
  4. An Editor’s Dream – I call this practice A Fighting Chance
  5. Uganda Gospel Life Artiste to Artistes 10 Most Annoying Habits of Artistes 
  6. Her Musings All Skin is Good Skin 
  7. The Hope Monger And So What? 
  8. Coffee House Ug African Meets Urban
  9. Nshuti’s Blog – Bloom Where You Are Planted Bonjour le monde!
  10. Lumpen Methodology The Curious Case of ‘Single Marrieds’ 
  11. Bibi Rukwengye Thoughts The Chief-Hunter and “His” Animal
  12. Kahill Insights House Wife
  13. The Wire Perspective ATM Fraud hits Ugandan Banks – Customer Beware
  14. Etemperance Of Their Man 
  15. Carlotess’s Blog The Original 007 
  16. Son of Olwa Uncle: Give Me Money I Buy You A Gift.
  17. Kadali Blog Fort Portal
  18. PC Tech Mag Don’t Blink: Who’s Following You?
  19. My Wandering Journey -Little feet that never stay still…(UGBlogWeek) Nankani’s Letters  
  20. Ernest Bazanye The Main Ugandans: Who Or What Is Kizza Besigye.
  21. Beewol #UgBlogWeek – Day 1 – Pride
  22. Karen: Mind of Mine New(s) Day 1 
  23. Le Stylists Monday Blues
  24. Fashion 256 Fashion From Tubonga Naawe Yello Carpet 
  25. Silver’s World As Good as the First Sip 
  26. So Much Nothing to Say Walking the Financial Crisis 
  27. Joel Jjemba’s Blog When You Travel You See, When You’re Back You Share
  28. Teesma’s Blog Awesome day mehn!!!!!
  29. Coffee House Ug Kampala
  30. All the World’s Feels in an Itty Bitty Space The Price of Loss
  31. Blazey Blaze Peter Tosh: The Stepping Razor 
  32. The Truth Mast Telling The Story; Trouble In The Rwenzori Mountains
  33. I am Ogutu Daudi #UGBlogWeek: Walayi, I don’t have a title.
  34. Florentina Aranél – Something wonderful Volkswagen Beetles And Impromptu Wedding Proposals 
  35. Erawko  Protégé
  36. The Young Treps Top 10 Blogging Tips from the Experts:Get the Most Benefit from Your Blog Posts
  37. Transition Hoarding Kagame. Conversation starters. #UGblogweek
  38. Discovery; Fulfilling my Destiny To belong… 
  39. Beautiful Life Dream On
  40. It’s Never That Serious #UgBlogWeek Day 1: Freedom, the 21st Century Joke!
  41. The Investigator News With Billions wired Monthly in Mobile Money Systems –How much is lost to FRAUD? How SAFE are you?
  42. Joel B Ntwatwa Lepers
  43. Victoria For Christ’s Blog Quieted Soul 
  44. In Bits of Many Stories The Rising 
  45. Jemima Ffene 
  46. My West Nile Experience Addicted To Arua: An Introduction. 
  47. Fabs Culture The Style Week 5 
  48. Elle Afrique 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Cancer 
  49. Kangye Burugu To All My Unblogged Blogs 
  50. Mwine Edgar Unemployed Graduate Five major drivers of Unemployment in Uganda
  51. Tales of An African Son Why Uganda’s Christians are going to hell …
  52. Glam by M.I Eyebrow Routine 
  53. Chocolaty Prints Baristos: Solace in Kabalagala 
  54. Mable’s Rants Tublogginge
  55. Jinnytesi The Rot That Is Kadic Hospital!
  56. How Y Rhymes Something That You Can File
  57. Her Musings My Go To Blogs 
  58. The Mbalien – Everything Is Perfect, Stop Conjuring Up National Issues
  59. Scare-a-hero i’m off for crime preventer training #UgBlogWeek

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