Uganda's Social Media Awards : The Way I Saw It

It’s been a very eventful first week of March. And coming from a civil servant life practitioner, I can say this without batting an eyelid. We were witness to the second Social Media Awards on Saturday and celebrated Women’s Day on Sunday. I can’t call the SMA’s annual because they skipped  a year. So, maybe after a streak of five consecutive ones, we can call it that.

Being nominated in the best blogger category came as a surprise, seeing as only one dude let me know he had nominated. I even laughed about it.

Sometimes you don’t know who is reading your stuff. Many Ugandans prefer to comment in person not via the comment section. So in terms of feedback you get little except for likes and comments on Twitter. Well, given I have 65 likes on my newly opened Facebook Page, that is not a surprise.

The Social Media Awards were a success. I think. Except that I didn’t win. And well, they didn’t go exactly according to program starting an hour later than they were meant to. Forgive my maalo but I was expecting food, something more substantial than M&M. I got in for free because I was nominated but if I hadn’t, the price might have deterred me.

However, you should have seen my astonishment seeing a pregnant Tiwa Savage dancing like she had no bump! That child is going to one fit kid from the word go! And then she pulled a Bebe Cool move. Okay, an almost Bebe Cool move; she stepped on a chair as she sang. Let me tell you, I was worried. Good enough the bull bodied bouncers convinced me they would catch her if she fell or anything like that happened.

For a moment there, while Seanice gave a very long speech after all the awards had been given away, it seemed there would be no Savagery. She pulled a nice trick. The critics who were ready to say Tiwa didn’t show must have lost their cool when she appeared on stage.

However, we are talking about awards right? I really feel the prizes were unexpected. Selfie sticks. Perhaps this was because the awards theme was #showyourselfie? No, my friend, they did not only award selfie sticks, but they gave out a lot of them. Plus phones, and data bundles. And money!!! (I missed that dice!) Nonetheless, here’s a suggestion. For categories like photography, a high end camera or lens would really be awesome as a prize.

Shout out to the winners. Katoto, 4040, NWSC, NTV, Bazanye (See full list here). However, I have noticed that numbers usually crowd out the importance of content, and quality. While some winners were deserved I feel some won because of numbers even if the influence is not necessarily positive or beneficial. I know numbers do play a big role. However, do they always reflect meaningfulness?

In the words of Albert Einstein “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” 

That aside, ahem to all the ladies that came dressed to kill. If I wasn’t dead already, I’d have died several times that night. As for that particular girl that distracted me the entire night, God forgive you. ;).

*Ruyonga’s rapping is on another level. How he raps without breathing still beats me.

Awards pay respect to efforts. So I salute all the winners and all the nominees. And all the guys who crossed over from the 4040 event at KCCA Grounds, you guys are winners.  Looking forward to the next event.

image: Social Media Awards Facebook Page



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