Uganda Bloggers Delegates' Convention

…that’s what it was,honestly, coz those were too many bloggers in one place!

Last time I tried to remember everyone, Carsozy got mad at me coz I somehow forgot mentioning him. Well, I am going to generalise.

First things first, Carlo’s radio buddies FB and Mel made me a celeb. I was mentioned on Sanyu FM’s Morning Mismatch along with some other bloggers. (Vanity besets me). So mention me in the same light as a celeb okay?

And then I came late.

Even him.

Found Spartakuss, Heaven,Baz and Dee, and (you see, someone’s gonna get mad), discussing the god-phone- 5800 Xpress Music Nokia. I agree that phone looks gorgeous, it would do well if it were in my hands-which would mean I would have had to part with some $400==800,000/=.

I wonder who came in alone alone? (as the Ugandans say). Even though me and him came together, we are not like that -and I found out that homosexuals can be treated from homosexuality; for real, look for the research findings of these guys “U.S.-based National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)”-Conclusive Scientific Evidence That Homosexuality is Treatable.

But that wasn’t the point. See, I found Baz and Dee already settled and I think they came in twogether. Then Rev came in with Detamble, and the Sking with Buttercookie; then the Antipop with Ivan; then…oh wait…Carlo came before her Duke.

Johnny likes blue shirts…is it company policy man? Like the dudes at EcoBank? And then there were a whole lotta guys with thick frame spects- Streetsida, Spartakuss, Heaven, (someone’s gonna get mad).

I recall that we had the grandaddy of BHH but pardon me, he’s gonna get mad too…oh I found out…Josh!

So this shindig was off the hook. When you thought Basix and Carlo’s Duke wouldn’t make it…they strolled in, always looking it. You too Carsozy looked sharp!

Antipop finally got me the Mount Dew; thanks mob.

Like Baz said one time, meeting Miss Cheri is like falling down; but thank God before I did she cushioned the fall with a hug, not to mention that warm smile. Oh, and SK was cool with it.

The bloggers should one time meet for Capoera (hope I spelled it right) coz it seemed to pick Rev, SK and Gemstone’s interest. Plus some other Japanese stuff-was it Kaizin? Anyway, introduce a Windows laptop to a gathering like that- and a geek convention will ensue. That God of War III clip was amazing!

Met Normzo as well. Dark. Even his shirt was dark. Also met Ruth who accidentally deleted her blog. Then there was Rhino, Dincy and Nathan the Kakaire I used to read about.

Where was Silver? And Be Silent? And Chanel? And Lucy? And Eizzy K and Mudamuli?

Miss Cheri gave us outside countries goodies, to be more specific, sweets and chokies. I still have one here with me, I saved it for RisingPage. So TRP, you can collect anytime.

Antipop, you escaped my “abortion talk”.

Rev says I always leave when it’s early and I left early, before the beer bottles were half way done.

Sorry but I couldn’t remember everyone. However, next time I will make sure I jot down your names in my book of bloggers. But it was great coz such a big number turned up…was it because it was Her homecoming?

Who am I to judge.

Well the great thing about you bloggers is your critical lack of prejudice. I dig it. I have picked a leaf.


14 thoughts on “Uganda Bloggers Delegates' Convention

  1. Nigga blue shirts ROCK.
    Oh yeah, BHH was off the shizzle.
    No one's got a swagger like the Ug blogging community.
    Are those BIG words i used. lol

    Yu didnt mention Rhino, Dincy, etc etc.
    And me i missed miss Eizzy and Mudamuli. kept my goody for whoever i meet first.

  2. Johnnie you are lying, you missed Vique the most!

    the granddad of BHH is called Josh. Together with Rebecca they began UBHH.or so i am told.

    Also, there was Nathan/Nate/Savage/Kakaire who is among the oldest Ugandan bloggers i know. but he hasn't blogged in a while and he had so many blogs i even don't know which i could link y'all to if i could.

    if i could go so far as describe him i would say he was perhaps the Erique of our time(look at me talking as if i am so old!)

    and yes Antipop, you coward!Nev,Rev and i were supposed to bash you over the Abortion thing.

    was nice meeting you Nev:)

  3. Nev and Jny missing me? I must be missing something here.

    I can't believe I missed seeing Cheri, Kakaire and Josh. Reminds me of those good old days when I had just began blogging

  4. Darlene came alone dude. i can vouch for that! I avoided THE talk? well, that means our KB for next time is sorted then. Count me in. Off to do research now..

  5. Hey Nev.,
    i decided to keep away, in respect of all our friends like ug gal that cant attend. then at about 10pm decided i cdnt take it anymore(i havent seen u in ages, and normzo was there! who cares about Ug.Gal?) but though it was too late. juts went to bed and cried mpaka kasheshe...

  6. Silver: Before 10pm, where were you hiding? Who cares abt UgGal? Silver, the reason I attend BHH is represent those who can't be there and meet those who next time. Olaba u missed sweets..

    Kati-mpaka kashese?

  7. so cheri popped it eh? and of all the BHHs to miss it had to be this one..i was at a retreat..glad y'all had a good one;


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