Uganda Blog Week 2016 : Version 1 #UgBlogWeek

Blog stars! Upcomings! Mabreezy’s! I come to you with good tidings of 2016’s first #UgBlogWeek – Uganda Blog Week.

A few of us have been sitting and scratching our heads about how to make this experience more exciting and useful for bloggers as well as readers. After running a poll on Twitter,

it was decided that we should have a blog week every quarter of the year and the first will kick off this Sunday, 14th February (Yes, don’t get too tipsy on that Val’s day you know what..) and end on Saturday 20th February.

One of the ways we hope to make this February’s blogging week a bit challenging but creative is to work around a theme. We have not decided on one yet. Since we believe in the fundamentals of perceived democracy (muahaha) we are running a poll to ask you which of these choices you’d go for.

A bit crazy but we have until tomorrow to choose a theme and then we can blog our hearts out.

We are looking forward to having blogger meet ups which will be announced during the course of the week.

A few of the bloggers who have come together to make this work are,,,,,, plus many I haven’t mentioned. We need a lot of input on this so, for more interaction, contact me on





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