UBHH April : A Recap

Please forgive my delay in recapping what was the second UBHH of the year. A lot of things happened after the 7th of April. Good enough, I haven’t taken a month.

Last Thursday, UBHH had half the number of those who came for the first one. I blame this on the fact that I did not promise cake. In fact, less ladies came through. Thus the power of cake! However, friends, shall we miss such good fellowship because of lack of cake? Lynn, would it be fair? I hope not. xD.

That aside, the April meeting was a lot more engaging than the first. We had very vocal bloggers around sharing very vocally their views on different issues. By vocal bloggers I certainly do not mean Pearl or Bernard. We got to share our thoughts on issues like the recently concluded Social Media Award’s blog category and whether it was fair for that site to win given it seemed more like a news site than a blog site.

Of course, this led to an argument discussion about what a blog truly is, what makes a blog enjoyable and who to call a blogger. It’s supposed to be a log of events, happenings, opinions on one’s site. Thus, it cannot be a static web property, like for example e-commerce sites whose content doesn’t change often. The question, however came up, does that make sites like newvision.co.ug blogs? Furthermore, bloggers needed to be identified with some standards, like how often do they blog, do they share, comment, paragraph? etc.

There was also issue with grammar. Some seemed to say that consistently bad grammar can be a style of blogging while others were of the view that it should be the exception, not the rule. The ones who supported the idea of grammar being a style also posited that if a message can be understood, why make a big deal about the grammar?

Of course blogging cannot be limited to writing. There are vlogs, podcasts (such as Kylie’s recent one) and photoblogs.

Colin (spartakussug) seemed to have an idea. What about we stop writing about ourselves (by that he meant subjectively) and start writing about ourselves. What about we tell the world about who we are as a people, as a nation? Do they know what gonja is? Kabalagala? Rolex? Gomesi? He seemed to say that we need to stop being preoccupied with our personal issues and get on the larger agenda. (To be honest, he seemed to be suggesting #koikoi, a blogging version.)

There was a lot on the night which I cannot wholly share here. However, for those interested in building the community, check out these forms and share your contribution.

Link 1

Link 2

Here are the blogs of the bloggers that joined us.


Plus the microbloggers (which is quite contentious)

The next ubhh is on 5th May. See you there.


12 thoughts on “UBHH April : A Recap

  1. What's the point of anything if there's no cake? It's like going to heaven and running into death. Like going to a waterfall and finding just a cliff. Like opening your fridge on a hot day only to find it empty. My point is: cake, much like water, is life.

    That being said, this sounds like quite a bit of fun. I'll just put my hands on the window pane and stare longingly at y'all.

  2. Only thought about this after I got home but if we can make grammar just one out of several components that make a good blog (which it is), then everyone can write however they want/ know how. So I could get a 2/10 for grammar but have 10/10 for photography and 5/10 for consistency and so on, and whatever tally I get determines how good of a blogger I am in general. That way, instead of having minimum requirements where some people are made to feel like they aren't good enough, we all get a chance to participate and grow in our own time.

    P. S. My blog is still in the set up stage so please be gentle when you judge/ evaluate 🙂

  3. Glad to read that UBHH is still happening. Reminds me of the good old days. I could give my all to have one more UBHH with the old and new guards. Good job Nev.

  4. Well captured. Cake would have made it a much more interesting evening though. I remember a certain Winnie suggesting (or was it in addition to Collin's suggestion?) that we choose a topic and challenge ourselves to write about it. Could that maybe make the writing about ourselves without writing about ourselves a little easier?

  5. I just smiled at reading Jny's comment!
    I never attended the old ones because of the anonymity thing,
    Eish! Even the avi, was an illustration. Haha! I miss those days sometimes.

    However, moving on - CAKE.
    Kale, Nev - We see you... Trying to frustrate the plans of the masses.

    I'm making a note for 5th May.
    Ps: Meanwhile, that note about grammar - Tehehe, are we still talking about this?
    Also, the one about stop writing about yourselves but write about yourselves... *huh*?

  6. But Joel, hmmmm...
    I did not suggest anything> i simply said in an age where information is king, we needed to to document ourselves more; write more about our Uganda and less about how the wait trainers don't fit.


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