Two is Company (Pesty Pets)

Two is company, and three is a crowd; yet he follows like a stray dog looking for a new owner. I am comfortable with her in my Starlet but the brother still wants to inconvenience. 
We are clearly deep in conversation. See, we are talking about internet trends, Social media and blogging but he’s trying to interfere with his occasional comments, about the weather, TV shows and woodball. His tongue is wagging, he’s barking after every other sentence; I think we should get him a dog-tag.
The pavement is not enough for three. At least he should clearly see that, but the bloke doesn’t give up. So he decides to step into the road, poor dog wagging his tail. He fails to see the car approaching and an inch closer, we would have been calling animal control. Pests.
And the girl who don’t do a thing.
Now, here is my conundrum. I don’t know this guy. However, Fiona doesn’t mind his interruptions. So I ask, “Do I know you?”
“Oh no, I know Fiona from church. We met in Discipleship class last Thursday”.
Great, Christian civility! But why do I think there’s something more? Normally, when a guy sees a guy and a girl walking leisurely together, he should conclude they do not want to be interrupted. He is working on something, probably selling a product, and there are on-going negotiations. What kind of salesman interrupts another salesman? This is not Kikuubo. Think of this as Acacia Mall.
But now their conversation is getting into Chimanda, fitness and white sands. Two is company, three is a crowd but it slowly feels like I am the intruder now. She is laughing at his jokes, touching his shoulder, and slowly pushing me to the curb. See how I am now the one crowding the conversation.


Peace and Christ Love.

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