Twitter menace?

There was a time I was such an introvert that I even kept away from social networking sites because I thought..what’s the use? Anyhow, after getting myself onto blogger, i made a move to facebook- that thing people say is anti-Christ(nga they never say anti-Muhammad?)and well at the beginning it was a drag and then it became exciting; why? I could hook up with friends all over the world and exchange thoughts, discuss work, tease the girl who rejected me in s.3(that’s a story i should tell, bambi her embarrassment these days) and lots of stuff.

However, I got to a point and well, I was content with facebook. I had the friends not too many-a manageable number; then I began to wonder, how about people with over 200 friends? How do they manage that number? I began worrying, thinking I had very few friends. Everyone else had over 200, me? A manageable number. Well while that was there, I had sworn not to join new social networking sites coz they just demand too much time notwithstanding the fact, I keep getting invitations from close people to join new ones but always declining them. I never knew that one day this kid sis of mine would convince me to join twitter. She was quite convincing “all you do is post status updates”. So I thought, cool; none of that facebook stuff like tagging and pictures and stuff. So I signed up.

I liked it. I mean, all I do is post what I am doing or what I am thinking. Now one wonders why that would be important. Well, it’s an easy way of communicating with many people at once without sending an email and all that techy redtape. Better still, the 27th Comrade pointed us to a 2299 thingy which made tweeting so addictive I couldn’t get away.

However, there are repercussions. How come blogging is relegated to tweeting? Eh? One of the first things I check when I get to work is to check what’s on I even relegated facebook. You see, twitter is just posting mere one or two lines; blogging is literature, art, beauty. Twitter had almost taken that away. I feel ashamed sometimes but then all is not so bad. If I were to count the number of tweets I have sent, they are around 700 which is a little over the word limit of a newspaper article. Much less than the number of words I have posted through my blog. And then some tweeples and tweepettes decide to take over and play kawuna on twitter- (bambi kid sis it’s not nugu).

Anyway, besides that, I wonder sometimes, Christ was a social person. He loved people and talking with them and being with them. Do you ever think if He were in this generation, He would be on twitter or facebook? Just asking…….

I thought about leaving twitter but I gave it another try. So I am going to be nice to those who play kawuna on twitter and to blogger.

Otherwise seriously, a mouthpiece is not something that should be taken for granted. There is power in a mouthpiece. It proclaims good news. It gives warnings, advice, counsel.There is so much positive change you can cause with a mouthpiece.

In olden times, people had to run distances to give warnings, proclaim good news and all that stuff. They encountered dangers like storms, wild animals, robbers, all because they had to pass on a message. It was important to transmit that message, the message was more important than the messenger because his life was on the line for it.

Imagine then the power in twitter, facebook, blogger, wordpress when you have a message to transmit, especially when it’s a good message, especially when it’s the good message? It’s not something that can be taken for granted. Thank God for this technology and for the good that it can do.

BASELINE: Proverbs 13:17 A wicked messenger falls into mischief, but a faithful ambassador is health.
Pro 25:13 Like cold snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to his senders; for he makes return to his master’s soul.


15 thoughts on “Twitter menace?

  1. i think if Jesus was in this generation he so would be on facebook and he would have a zilllion friends

    He would be on twitter and once in a while he would update.'love one another as i have loved you' or 'Ug girl come dine with me tonight' or 'Ug girl i love you' etc...

    Dont you reckon..?

  2. Lol,no kid sis (therisingpage), yo not.
    Sibo, 400??? My my...
    Payo, just get some twitter crazy followers and you'll see.
    Safyre, sorry homie, i can only tell you that story.
    Now, UgGirl, aha...that's an interesting thought- Jesus tweeting :"Love each other as I have loved you". It would be cool though..I think I reckon. 😉

  3. Facebook is becoming a little bit too much, sometimes i want to delete the account, start over with pple i do know.
    I getting a hang of twitter though.
    @ UGirl> i wish Jesus was on facebook? Ive thought about it so many times..


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