Delicious. White. Chocolate. So she says. However, I have never tasted it. I had never really taken notice of it till she mentioned it. “White chocolate”, I thought to myself, “…is it like white white gold?” Of course I would get no answers, just speculation.

White chocolate on Christmas evening.

So I set out on finding this treasure with just hours to the deadline. When I say deadline, I mean that I do not know whether supermarkets work on Christmas, because quite naturally, the people working also have families, they are not robots. Thus, I wonder who would work on Christmas?

That aside, I had forgotten or ignored the fact that it was 24th December.

Strings of street lights Even stop lights 
Blink a bright red and green  
As the shoppers rush home with their treasures…”

The number of shoppers in the city was unprecedented by me. And may I make it clear, not just in the city, the number of people in the supermarkets with white chocolate was unprecedented! I had met a friend who knew where to get this “White Gold” and had recommended three places, Capital Shoppers, Shoprite or Uchumi.
I went to Capital Shoppers first and even before entering, already lost hope. It was lines and queues everywhere, even at the entrance. The place was filled! I managed to get in but it was so stuffy I felt I needed to leave immediately. I managed a quick scan, and got to the sweets/ chocolates but no Toblerone, no white chocolate.
I wasted no time leaving.
I would try Shoprite next, it was just down the road. 
When I got to Shoprite, I thought there was a thief being manhandled! A scuffle was going on at the Parcels area. People were retrieving, and storing their bags, parcels and whatever packages they had come to shop with. There was a small crowd, people struggling to have their cards taken and their bags given them, and to add to this, they had Shoprite polythenes in one hand. In other words, when I sensed the bag on my back, I turned around and went to Cooper Complex. There was an Uchumi on the way home.
Now Uchumi was much better. Cool (I mean literally cool), Kirk Franklin playing in the background and no queues and lines. Now onto the most important thing, “White Gold”, Toblerone.
I walked from the first aisle to the last aisle looking for even the sight of just one packet of that crystal (pun not really intended, lol )shaped chocolate. No Toblerone. Sigh. I had info that Toblerone was the best. A gem indeed. 
Uchumi Kabalagala did not have it.
Yet they did have Cadbury’s! Not Toblerone, but “White Gold” all the same. So I picked it and now, I cannot wait to get it to her….
See her then.

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