To Slow Down Time

“Time moves so fast I hyperventilate breathing…” 4th Avenue Jones

…this time it’s the thoughts,
It’s the news,
It’s the things coming off factory lines.
Everything’s moving so darn fast.

The heart’s still beating the same,
Walking Jericho daily over a name.

It’s the way the tweets drop like rain,
Notifications on the phone innumerable as grain,
Reminders, goal updates, kid sister just got a new phone;
Everything’s in a hurry to be known.

Remember that kiss, the first, as we walked
Stolen like a sweet off the counter in the mall?
Happened so fast that it slowed me down,
So much your lips are still stuck on mine.

It’s the way the bodas dart around town
A level-10 snake-game wearing me down,
And sirening motorcades of the rulings hats
Sending cars aside like preyed upon rats.

So fast there is no time to pause
No space to pull you here close,
Even Yaka units are running a race
To see who gets to zero and win first place.

I won’t wind down to zero this time
I will start from zero and give my time
If only a day is what I have
May my hours fill you completely, love.



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