"This time I asked her name"

“This time I asked her name.”

I tell myself in consolation after failing to get her number. See, she was another “prettiest sight lately” and this time I was not about to rue having gone without her name.

I had a lot of time to think how to go about it, get her name that is, but when push came to shove, I threw thinking out altogether and decided to say hullo. She was tall, pretty, had braids. She had a smile as lovely as an aurora, I could not help but find out her name.

She was talking with a friend, and they seemed to be deeply engrossed in their conversation but names must be got. So I dragged my friend along and ended their conversation. Call me reckless or impatient, but I went straight ahead- “Hi I’m Joel.”

This would either backfire or work just fine; thank God it did the latter, her name escaped her lips gilded with a smile. Now, to protect her identity, her name I shall keep to myself just in case. (The world’s just too small these days).

It is at this point I realised that I should have thought this through at first. It felt like asking a girl out and she says yes and you are faced with no idea of how to be a boyfriend.

I had her name. So?

That is where my friend stepped in, trying to steer the conversation into getting more than just a name. I did not catch this vision well. In the attempt, out of the four persons exchanging small talk, only one person gave out their number.

Now, I am telling myself, “I wish I’d asked for her number”. Well,  much more than asking, probably negotiated better.

Oh well! Life is good! 🙂 Number next time.

“Kamu kamu gwe muganda”, one by one makes a bundle.A little better everyday. Yeah, I got my glass half full.


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