The Young Paparazzi takes over my blog!

I am taking a Thursday off and leaving my blog in the hands of the Paparazzi. See you later.


I think if I were an animal, I would be a fish. Why?

Because I love water. You need to see this huge plastic blue cup I use to gulp water at home.Oh my!

When it comes to drinking water. I take one huge gulp and I leave the throat to sort out the rest in smaller gulps.

When I don’t drink water regularly, the symptoms start showing up. Dry throats, restlessness, dry lips. It just creates me trouble. You can tell by looking at me that am not drinking well.

What water does to my body, scripture does to my soul. When I miss my morning gulp, the symptoms begin, negative thoughts, insecurities, fear and irritations. I just kind of lose myself.

I like how one writer put it “The scriptures are our letters from home”. Unfortunately, many of us give consistently to the body and not to the soul. As a result, our souls go thirsty and like the sprite soda advert says “Thirst kills my vibe” – we can’t speak inspired. “Thirst ruins my rap” – we just can’t flow

And for sure, you can tell who is drinking well; you have got of course to be drinking from the right well. That’s what Jeremiah the prophet saw when he penned.

My people have committed two sins

They have forsaken me

The spring of living water

And have dug their own cisterns (wells)

Broken cisterns that cannot hold water – Jeremiah 2:13

The last two lines are so much directed to our generation. We have dug our own wells—broken wells that cannot hold water .We pick up the newspaper to seek direction in life, guess on which page? Horoscope.

If we are in love with the remote, then Oprah answers our life questions. We can even turn to myths like yoga, meditation – all in a bid to quench our thirst. Some of us have our wells dug in Banks, we rely our accounts to fill what they can’t.

Others have their wells in relationships. Your boyfriend attempts to fill what he can’t—the eternal thirst in you. All these kill our vibe, they ruin our spiritual flow.

May you wake up tomorrow on a huge gulp. A huge gulp of Jesus whispering these words in your ear “….but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst, indeed the water I give him will become in him a spring of living water welling up to eternal life’—John 14:4.

Eddie – The Young Paparazzi.

P.S You can see her purple rain now.


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