The wait

The wait.

When God made the heavens
And the earth and the sun,
When he opened His mouth
And life came from His lips-
There was no worry
Not a care, not a thought
For the peace of the man
Who would later be born.

This I speak as a man
Not a God who had a plan,
For His eyes like an eagle
Seeing further than time,
They fathomed and saw
The error to fall,
And from time began
God took thought for man.

For when man was born
And woman from him,
The morning star
with jealousy sought
A way to undress man
Of God’s good grace,
To strip Him of might
That was given to him.

And so when he ate
Fruit of conscience,
Flaming swords did check
Man from garden sweet.
And man so groaned
From labour’s toils
And death and sickness
Did use him raw.

But God, He was wounded
From fellowship spoiled
He sought man for a friend
But sin did it end.
Yet with eagles’ eyes
Seeing farther than time
Yes He had a plan
To bring fellowship back.

But the wait was long
The wait for breath,
For we were dead
In sin of birth.
Ages came, ages went
Still the wait
For His plan to save.

And Abraham and Isaac
And Jacob did wait
And Joseph and Moses
And Joshua did wait.
Rahab, Naomi and Ruth,
Did wait
And all the prophets of
God did wait.

How they hoped to see
The son,
The sun of righteousness
Dawning in man’s life.
How they yearned
And hungered for Him
The Prince of Peace
To set them free.

Who would have known
When he would come,
Where he would land
Would be obscure?
A tiny town
A humble couple,
A manger for
The welcome of peace.

Yet did he come
And sheperds did see
And magi did worship
The come saviour king.
And Anna the prophetess
Simeon the priest
Witnessed the arrival
Of salvation of man.

He would live to
Heal the sick
Break the shackles
Set captives free.
He would raise the dead
Proclaim peace
Give his life
And set men free.

But how blessed are we
Who know Him now,
Who no longer wait
For coming Sun.
He has come to live
In our very hearts
And make bridge the wall
That cut us from God.

What a privilege to know
That we have Christ
Who so many champions
Of old waited for.
We have Him in this day and age,
Alive in our hearts.
We have Him!!!! Hallelujah
He lives. Immanuel, God is with us!!

Lord, now You will let Your servant depart in peace, according to Your word.
For my eyes have seen Your Salvation
which You have prepared before the face of all the peoples,
a light for revelation to the nations, and the glory of Your people Israel.
Luke 2:29-32


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  1. Beautiful, exquisite and wonderfully spun, kept me captive until the last word but I have to admit I did cheat and peek at the last verses before continuing to read, once again, tres bien.


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